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Schedule of Classes and Practices
Spring and summer 2017 (Vermont)
Outside Tai Chi Practice
Mahaney Center for the Arts, Middlebury (Sue)
Tai Chi Chuan Class
Open Sky Studio, Bristol (Rachel)
Morning Qigong Practice
Open Sky Studio, Bristol (Rachel and Tage)
Tai Chi Chuan Class
Open Sky Studio, Bristol (Nancy)


Morning Tai Chi Practice
Open Sky Studio, Bristol (Rachel)

Outside Tai Chi Practice
Mahaney Center for the Arts, Middlebury (Sue)

Qigong Class*
Open Sky Studio, Bristol

(4/21, 5/19, 6/16, 7/21

Tai Chi Chuan Class*
Holley Hall, Bristol

(5/20, no June, 7/22
, 8/5...)

Outside Tai Chi Practice
Mahaney Center for the Arts, Middlebury (Sue)

Tai Chi Extra Class*
Holley Hall, Bristol
third Friday of the month


Tai Chi Chuan Class
Open Sky Studio, Bristol (Nancy)
Evening Tai Chi Practice
Open Sky Studio, Bristol (Nancy)
Tai Chi Chuan Class
Bridge School, Middlebury (Nancy)

This is a schedule of all weekly classes and practices in the Tung family lineage of Tai Chi Chuan that are currently being offered in the Champlain Valley of Vermont (April-August 2017). They are all drop-in style classes and are all suitable for all levels.


* these classes meet only once a month on the third Friday and Saturday of the month
3/17-18, 4/21-22, 5/19-20, 6/16 (no Saturday classes in June), 7/21-22, 8/18-19, 9/15-16
Rachel's regularly scheduled Morning Tai Chi Practice will not be held on these days

Qigong Class: Walking the Twelve Channels (PDF flyer) -- open to everyone, no experience necessary
Tai Chi Extra Class -- must have already learned slowset to attend


Class Locations

Bridge School -- private elementary school with a blue roof at 1469 Exchange Street on the north side of Middlebury

Holley Hall -- historic town hall on the corner of South and Main in the center of Bristol

Open Sky Studio -- private studio on Main Street in downtown Bristol on the second floor above Cubbers Restaurant

Mahaney Center for the Arts -- art musuem and concert hall on Route 30 south about a half mile from downtown Middlebury; the practice spot is around back over by the pond


classes are ongoing

start anytime

all levels are welcome

no experience is neccesary



Tuition for Classes

practice sessions are free of charge (and by donation)

Weekly Classes
one class per week -- $60 per month
two classes per week -- $90 per month

individual classes -- $20 per class

Monthly Classes with Chris
Qigong Class -- $25/class or $120/6 classes
Tai Chi Chuan Classes -- $20/class or $100/6 classes
Tai Chi Chuan and Extra Class together -- $30/class


tuition due at the top of the month

first class is free

enrollment is ongoing

start anytime

Connecticut Classes

Qigong Class (PDF flyer)
Wednesday mornings 9:00-10:30
at the Kent Community House in Kent, CT
an 8-week Introductory Course with Chris Kiely

May 10th through June 28th
$120 for the eight-week course
drop-ins are also welcome at $20 per class


Another Qigong Class is currently forming in the New Milford area as well. Further details will be forthcoming. Please contact if interested.

Private lessons also available by appointment.





Master Workshops

Twice a year, the Falling Water School has the great fortune of being able to offer in-depth weekend workshops for committed students with the leaders of our lineage: Grandmaster Tung Kaiying in the summer and his son Master Tung Chenwei in the winter. To attend these workshops students must already have learned the basic sequences of the Tung family slowset and fastset and the basic double push hands routine. It is a great honor to be able to host such high caliber teachers and a rare opportunity to be able to study Tai Chi Chuan directly underneath the guidance of a genuine master of Tai Chi Chuan and holder of a lineage.



Tung Family New England Schedule:

Master Tung Chenwei's Winter Workshop in Bristol, Vermont, early February (PDF flyer)

Master Tung Chenwei's Spring Workshop in Bridgewater, New Hampshire, early April (PDF Flyer)

Master Tung Kaiying's Summer Workshop in Bristol, Vermont, late June (PDF flyer)

Master Tung Kaiying Summer Workshop in Ashland, New Hampshire, late June (PDF flyer)

Master Tung Chenwei's Sandy Island Camp on Lake Winnepesaukee
in Moultonborough, New Hampshire, early September (PDF Flyer)

Master Tung Chenwei's Fall Workshop in Ashland, New Hampshire, late November



International Training Camps:

European Camp on the Presqu'île de Giens off the southern coast of France, mid March

Idyllwild Camp in the mountains of southern California just west of Joshua Tree National Park, late April

Lapland Camp just north of the arctic circle in Finland, early June

La Honda Camp in the redwood forest just south of San Francisco, late August

Sandy Island Camp on an island in Lake Winnepesaukee in central New Hampshire, early September


please contact Chris for more info (cloudhandy@yahoo.com)





other Upcoming Events in the New England schools:

Monthly Training Workshops with Paul Drake in Bridgewater, New Hampshire
these are offered on the second weekend of every month
(contact Viki Kiman for more info at 603-968-9017 or vikikiman@msn.com)

"Balancing the Martial and the Civil: Push Hands and the Literary Tradition of Tai Chi Chuan"
ongoing series of multidisciplinary workshops with Christopher Kiely
Bristol, Vermont, March 17-19 (PDF Flyer)
New Paltz, New York, April 30 (PDF Flyer)
Bristol, Vermont, August 4-6 (details coming...)



802-349-2725 -- cloudhandy@yahoo.com